Berlin: Number of arms export licenses to Turkey 'extremely low'

Berlin said today that its exports to Ankara are very low and responsible, in response to the request of the Greek Foreign Minister yesterday that Germany, Spain and Italy suspend the export of military equipment to Turkey.

Germany has responded to a Greek request that it suspend the export of military equipment to Turkey over Ankara’s aggressive policies in the region, with the country’s Foreign Ministry reportedly saying that the federal government follows “a restrictive and responsible weapons exports policy.” ," according to the Greek newspaper Kathimerini.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reportedly said that licenses to sell arms to Turkey are granted "after careful consideration and from the perspective of foreign and security policy criteria."

According to the same reports, the ministry added that the number of licenses to export weapons to Turkey is "extremely low".

Yesterday, the Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Dendias, called on Germany, Spain and Italy to suspend the export of military equipment to Turkey in letters he sent to his European counterparts.

In his letter to MAS in particular, the Greek minister called for not to issue permits for the export of submarines, frigates, aircraft and armored vehicles to Turkey.



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