Beijing is waiting for Washington to get out of Afghanistan, Washington is asking Europe to contribute to protection of oil tankers

At a time when European countries are trying to ease the hostility between Tehran and Washington, the latter calls for the first to contribute to the protection of tankers in the Gulf, Beijing seeks to control the economy of Central Asia.

The Wall Street Journal: Russia and China are vying for influence in Central Asia if the United States withdraws from Afghanistan

The Wall Street Journal reported that competitors fear the spread of Islamic militancy in neighboring countries of Afghanistan, while Beijing seeks to protect and expand its economic spread in Central Asia.

As the United States seeks to get out of the Afghan war, Central Asia is on the threshold of a new era as Russia and China vie for influence in an area no longer under American control after September 11.

The two countries are concerned about Islamic militancy, both at home and Afghanistan, while China wants to protect billions of dollars invested by its companies in the region under the belt and road initiative launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping, a Chinese initiative built on the ruins of the Ninth Century Silk Road In order to connect China with the world, to be the largest infrastructure project in the history of mankind.

The Wall Street Journal: US wants allies to help keep oil corridors open

The Trump administration officials say America is less dependent on shipments that pass through the Gulf.

Top Trump officials said the United States does not intend to take sole responsibility for protecting tankers in the Persian Gulf after the attacks Washington blames on Iran because the US is less dependent on oil supplies from the region.

Air Force Gen. Paul Silva, deputy chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on Tuesday that the Trump administration was not planning to repeat the mission of the Reagan administration in the 1980s when the United States protected Kuwaiti oil tankers from the Iranian attack.


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