Before visiting Lebanon …Le Drian: There is not enough awareness of the danger of collapse .. Help us help you

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian urged the Lebanese authorities to initiate reforms, to obtain financial support from the international community and to save the country's economy from collapse, indicating that he would visit Beirut within a few days.

"Today there is a danger of a collapse," said Le Drian in the French Senate. "The Lebanese authorities must regain control, and allow myself to tell our Lebanese friends: We are really ready to help you, but help us to help you."

As the French minister announced that he would visit Lebanon within a few days, he recalled that the government of Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab, which was formed in January after a months-long political crisis, had pledged to carry out a series of reforms within a hundred days, and said: "These reforms were not made We know what to do with transparency, regulating the electricity sector, fighting corruption, and reforming the financial and banking system, but it has not moved, "expressing its" deep concern "over the situation in Lebanon.

He added that it is "absolutely clear that there is insufficient awareness among all political partners of the risk of collapse", stressing that "France and the international community around it will not be able to do anything if the Lebanese do not take the initiatives that are essential to their recovery."

He said that after the demonstrations which occurred in the fall, in which the social nature dominated the sectarian character, "sectarian confrontations are returning with major risks of erosion that are of great concern."



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