Battles postponed meeting between Libyans, Security Council to discuss the situation

On Tuesday evening, the United Nations postponed the "national forum" between the Libyan parties for an unlimited deadline due to the escalation of the battles south of the capital Tripoli, while the UN Security Council is holding a meeting today to discuss the situation there.

The United Nations decided on Tuesday evening to postpone the "national forum" between the Libyan parties, which was expected in mid-April for an indefinite period because of the battles ongoing south of Tripoli, while the UN Security Council is holding a meeting on Wednesday on this country.

The UN Secretary-General's Special Representative in Libya, Ghassan Salama, announced the postponement of the "national forum" which was to be held from 14 to 16 April in Ghadames.

"We cannot ask the attendees to come to the forum while the guns are blowing and the raids are launched!" Salama said, stressing his determination to hold the forum "as soon as possible." Salama will explain this decision to the UN Security Council, which is going to hold a closed emergency session on Libya on Wednesday," diplomats said in New York on Tuesday.

The Tripoli airport is due to be reopened on Tuesday evening only for night flights after it was hit by an air strike that closed it. The Maitika airport was closed on Monday following an air strike of the forces loyal to the Marshal Khalifa Haftar who is attacking Tripoli.

France Press quoted from the Colonel Mohammed Qannouno, the spokesman for the forces loyal to the National Accord Government that "Wadi Rabie area was under their control on Tuesday."

Qannouno confirmed that the forces of the National Accord Government launched air raids on the positions of the "Libyan National Army" south of Tripoli, and its supply lines in the center of the country.

The Haftar forces continue their offensive towards Tripoli amid heavy fighting with their opponents loyal to the Government of National Accord, which led to the deaths of 35 people and the displacement of more than 3,400 people so far.

The fighting was resumed on Tuesday morning south of the capital, at Jisr Ben Ghashir and Wadi Rabie (about 30 km), according to a security source in Tripoli.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres strongly condemned the "escalation" of violence in the vicinity of Tripoli, calling for an "immediate cessation" of hostilities. He also called on all parties to immediately engage in dialogue to find a political solution.

The United Nations said on Tuesday it had evacuated more than 150 people from the Libby detention center because of recent clashes in the capital, saying similar action might be needed elsewhere.



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