Battles intensified in western Libya after Accord forces losses

​​​​​​​The vicinity of al-Wattia military base, which is controlled by the Libyan National Army, is witnessing fierce military confrontations, after losses of mercenary ranks belonging to Turkey, and the fall of a Turkish drone over the region.

After fierce battles between Accord Forces and the Libyan National Army, the latter managed to drive out Syrian mercenaries from al-Aqrabiyah area, which is taking its starting point for operations.

These developments come in the wake of the Libyan army toppling Turkish "Phoenix" drones in the vicinity of the capital, Tripoli, and in the skies of al-Wattia military base, in addition to the capture of a number of mercenaries, during their attempts to advance towards the base.

The Libyan army also managed to destroy mobile missile platforms that the militias had brought to bomb al-Wattia base.

The importance of al-Wattia Air Force Base (western Libya) is due to its strategic location from the military point of view, as it is 140 kilometers from Tripoli, and about 30 kilometers from the Tunisian border.

The base was established in the 1940s by US forces, on an area of ​​about 40 kilometers.

The base covers all the western region, and allows those who control it to carry out air combat operations against military targets at home and in neighboring countries. Al-Wattia base is characterized by its military infrastructure that is used to store weapons, supply fuel to military aircraft, and can accommodate 7,000 military personnel.



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