Battles against IS in last stages, Turkish gov suppresses Kurds

The Spokeswoman of Al-Jazeera Tempest campaign Leylwa al-Abdullah assured that their forces continue the battle against IS in the last square kilometer in al-Baguz in the countryside of Deir-ez-Zor, while talking about a new plan for the UN envoy to Syria to resolve the complex crisis, authorities of the AKP's authorities continue to repress and prevent peaceful protest that condemn the conspiracy on Ocalan and solidarity with MP Leyla Guven who is on hunger strike.


On Saturday morning, Arab newspapers touched upon the efforts of UN envoy to Syria, Geir Pederson to solve the complex crisis as well as the Syrian Democratic Forces' battle against IS.  

Al-Arab: Geir Pederson the shrewd man, engineer of Oslo's agreement, is preparing his new plan. 

On Saturday morning, Arab newspapers which touched upon the Syrian issue dealt with several topics, Pedersen's efforts to launch a new political tack, in this context, Al-Arab newspaper said, “Intensive tours of the new UN envoy for the Syrian-Norwegian file, Geir Pedersen, suggest that there is at least preparation in the mind of the man. Pedersen toured Berlin and Paris, before them Tehran, Ankara, Cairo, Moscow and Riyadh, seeking support from the capitals for his efforts to bring about a breakthrough in the process of settling the Syrian file, which is about to enter its eighth year without reaching a solution to end the conflict, despite the succession of four international envoys, the first of them was Sudanese Mohammed al-Dabi and the late Kofi Annan, who was succeeded by Lakhdar Brahimi and Stephane De Mistura before Pedersen finally arrived. "

"Some issues seem to be completely closed, so it is difficult to find gaps that could create a glimmer of hope, and highlight the Syrian issue as one of those issues, but it is not complicated by the complexity of the Palestinian cause, whose transfer from a complete stalemate to an endless negotiation process was an achievement in itself, but it would cost granting the Palestinians self-rule authority and international recognition and many a surrealistic thing. What can Pederson offer to the Syrian opposition under the existing network of political and security complexities that surround the Syrian file? "

The newspaper pointed out that during the meetings, they talk about "Second Gaza" in the Syrian Idlib, and the areas of Kurdish autonomy in the north between the safe area of Turkey which Ankara seems determined to extract to prevent the emergence of a Kurdish entity isolating it from the Arab world and threatens the south and become a new Kurdistan in northern Iraq Syria, but that does not seem enough. Assad needs to fully extend his authority so that he can impose his return to the international community on new terms, which is facing the Arab and Western countries led by the United States.

Al-Hayat: Kurds refute any truce with "Daesh"

On the military operations aimed at the elimination of IS mercenaries by SDF, Al-Hayat wrote: "In the midst of an American-European debate on eliminating the danger of IS and contradicting statements by the American military with the intention of US President Donald Trump to withdraw his troops from Syria, a commander in SDF denied suspending the fight against «Daesh» and sign a truce with them, he stressed that the announcement of the full liberation of the Syrian north from IS' hands is imminent with the collapse of the militants of the terrorist organization in about one square kilometer in the neighborhoods of al-Bagouz town.

In a call with Al-Hayat, spokeswoman for SDF, Leylwa al- Abdullah, said that "the campaign is still going on to end IS in full in North Syria amid violent clashes between our troops and IS, alluding progress is slow because of the large number of mines in the area, as well as to IS' policy to the detention of civilians to use them as human shields.  

And Added " Our forces had opened safe passage to transport the civilians to liberated areas and hundreds of civilians go out every day she said. She denied reports of a truce with Daesh, saying that «in the near future, the liberation of the north of Syria completely from IS' hands will be announced, noting that «mercenaries are daily surrendering themselves to our forces, and are later transferred to the concerned authorities for investigatation».

Al-Arab: Turkish government encircled its grip on opposition parties

On the Turkish issue, Al-Arab newspaper referred to the Turkish pressure on the parties opposed to the Erdogan government. "Ankara is increasing pressure on the Turkish opposition parties, especially the pro-Kurds, before the local elections scheduled for next March. After attempts to weaken these parties, the government stopped peaceful rallies that were scheduled Friday in solidarity with MP Leyla Guven of the Democratic People's Party, who is on hunger strike, and also to commemorate the imprisonment of the leader of the forbidden Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), Abdullah Ocalan, who Guven is going on a hunger strike to protest his imprisonment. The police crackdown on HDP rallies comes in the context of the policy adopted by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government based on the adoption of security methods to target its opponents and prevent them from mobilizing supporters by intimidating voters.



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