Battalion of Peshmerga joins Shengal Resistance Units ranks

A battalion from the Peshmerga leadership in Shengal of the KDP joined the ranks of the Shengal Resistance Units.

On the fifth anniversary of Ferman  August 3,2014 in Shengal committed by Daesh mercenaries, a battalion of Peshmerga joined the ranks of Shengal Resistance Units.

According to Rojnews, the battalion, which joined the Peshmerga leadership in Shengal, and this battalion belongs to the Kurdistan Democratic Party and remained in Shengal after the liberation of the city until the liberation of its areas on October 18, 2017 until the popular crowd dominated the region.

Commander Ismail Nemer, is one of those Peshmerga who joined Shengal Resistance Units who confirmed that their rights have been persecuted by the Kurdistan Democratic Party since the occurrence of Ferman.



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