Başur Kurdistan .. series of violations, and media professionals warn: situation is bad

Violations have intensified against media professionals in Başur of Kurdistan by the ruling party. Media professionals, including those who were arrested by the authorities, narrated the harassment and threats they are subjected to, and indicated that the ruling party “fears that the media will expose the rampant corruption and the bad situation in the region. "

During the past weeks, the authorities of Başur of Kurdistan have intensively put pressure on the media, especially with the state of popular distaste and the demonstrations in the region against corruption and the continued interference of the Turkish occupation.

According to observers, the Kurdish authorities of KRG are trying to impose a policy of "the three wise monkeys" on the media and the people, which is to remain in a position (they neither see, speak nor hear), and this has led to an increase in the state of turmoil and uprisings  that call for freedom and democracy, and toppling the ruler party.

Media reported On Wednesday, August19th, protestors' riots in Zaxo, to prevent Turkish from entering the KR. Since that day, the authorities have launched arrest campaigns against the protestors and close satellite channels, including the NRT satellite.

The Metro Center for Defending Journalists' Rights documented the names of 33 journalists and activists and there are hundreds of names that have not been documented, while the authorities are still practicing a policy of intimidation against those who open corruption and politics files.

And arrests affected Dohuk region of Başur Kurdistan in the already region that lives in a state of chaos and turmoil.

Our agency ANHA interviewed a number of journalists who were released on bail, but they are still subjected to harassment and intimidation by the authorities, including the journalist Karwan Sadiq, the correspondent of the "Gele Kurdistan" channel in Dohuk.

"They divided the country, and there is no government."

Karwan Sadiq spoke about the situation in Başur, saying, “There is not coherent government, but two governing authorities. They divided the country into two regions, the green zone and a yellow one. There are must have been parliament and government but there are controlling parties. This situation affects the media in general. "

He added, "In the green zone there is a margin of freedom but in the yellow one, the situation is completely different."

"It is forbidden to talk about politics."

Karwan continued his speech, saying, “I want to talk about the situation in the Dohuk region, which I follow closely. The journalists in this region have been divided into two parties. There are journalists affiliated with the authority who serve its politics, and the opposing journalists. Because they expose the facts, the authority seeks to suppress their voices.

He spoke about media freedom in Başur, saying: “Media freedom is below zero. Journalists are pressured by the authorities because they seek to open some pending and different files. "

"The government's failure is pushing it to put pressure on the media." Regarding the intensification of pressure on the media, he said: “In the recent period, violations against media have increased, because the government has taken the political, economic, social, health and security situation to a state of crisis and chaos without being able to find solutions to it. Therefore, when the media exposes this situation ruling party pressures and commits violations against journalists. "

He pointed out, "There is no institution that stands against these pressures and violations, as the two parties interfere in all matters and monitor the work mechanism of all parties."

"The situation in Dohuk is very bad."

The journalist focused during his speech on the situation in Dohuk, which he closely monitored, saying: “Because I live in Dohuk and I can mention some points. There are deficiencies that the government suffers from, without having an administrative plan for them. "

He added, "There are media professionals who communicate the people's crises. This increases the ruling party's fear that the protests and people's uprisings will expand after exposing their policies."

"They will not be able to silence the free media."

For his part, the coordinator of the Metro Center for Defending the Rights of Journalists in Dohuk, Ayhan Saeed, told our agency: " hundreds of journalists and activists arrested after the protests that took place in Zaxo because they were a voice for freedom."

"The people began organizing large-scale protests in the Bahdinan-Dohuk region against suppressing the free voice, and the ruling party's decision in Dohuk to arrest dozens of media journalists, activists, teachers, writers and civilians without a court decision," Saeed added.

He explained that this act is "evidence of the authorities' efforts to eliminate the free voice in Bahdinan, but they will not be able to suppress the free voice, so they distort their page with these actions because the media, activists and democrats are calling for the implementation of freedom and democracy in the country."

"These actions represent a dictatorial government."

Saeed emphasized, "We protest and condemn the illegal arrest campaigns against media professionals and democrats by the ruling party in Dohuk, and we demand the release of all detainees, because these actions do not represent a democratic government but rather a dictatorial government."

At the end of his speech, the coordinator of the Metro Center, Ayhan Saeed, said that they will work to deliver reports and files related to detainees to the relevant authorities in the government, representatives of the region in Iraq and human rights organizations for their release.

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