Başûr's mediamen  warn of losing gains if PDK keeps cooperating with Turkish state

Başûr (Southern Kurdistan) mediamen warned that if the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) continued its complicity with the Turkish state, Başûr would lose all its gains, and criticized the party's direct support for the anti-Kurdish Turkish state.

 Journalist Nazir Ali, who works for Bawar News, said: "The political situation has deteriorated significantly during the last period, reaching the highest levels of dispute. The reason is that the region has been divided since its establishment into two regions, Hewlêr and Sûleymaniyê and they are ruled by two families.  Only, he mentioned that the exclusion of the rest of the political forces, and the failure to build a unified military force, has led to the absence of the constitution of the Başûr region of Kurdistan.

 The KDP controls the parliament, political decision-making and the constitutional process in Başûr.

 Ali added, "Because of the absence and disruption of the constitution, the political, military, economic and humanitarian situation has deteriorated. Therefore, today's Başûr Kurdistan region experiencing a real crisis. The constitution was only ink on paper, and it was not allowed to be implemented on the ground."

 In turn, political activist Youssef Kuti, from Sulaymaniyah, pointed out that "the crisis of Başûr Kurdistan allowed regional forces to directly intervene in Başûr Kurdistan, especially Turkey and Iran, which benefited from the weakness of the political and military decision, in order to launch military strikes against the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, in cooperation with the party.  The Kurdistan Democratic Party, and the two forces aim to end the Kurdish presence."

The Iraqi elections and weak Kurdish front

 This weakness comes at a time when preparations are in full swing to hold the parliamentary elections in Iraq, on October 10, 2021. These elections will determine the 328 members of the House of Representatives.  And who, in turn, will elect the Iraqi president and prime minister.  At a time when alliances are being formed in Baghdad, and the Kurdistan region of Başûr is suffering from many crises.

 The political parties in Başûr Kurdistan will enter this year's elections with great fragility, due to internal crises, in addition to losing large parts of the lands they controlled during the previous elections.

 Regarding the entry of the Başur's parties in the Iraqi elections, political activist Youssef Kuti explained, "These parties are facing intra conflicts , and a media war. This shows the immaturity of democracy in Başur. The electoral process is due to pressures  The Kurdish parties will lose a lot if they continue with this policy."

 Turkey occupies Başûr Kurdistan

 The Turkish occupation continues its attack on Başûr, taking advantage of the fragility of the situation and the direct support of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

In this context, journalist Nazir Ali states that "Turkey today occupies 12% of Başûr Kurdistan with more than 60 military bases."

 Nazir Ali stressed, "The KRG and PDK compliance with Turkey, has put Başûr Kurdistan in a major security crisis. The region will lose all its gains to Turkey if it continues in this position."

 Turkish ambitions did not stop at the borders of Başûr Kurdistan, and it is no longer hidden from anyone, its attempt to play a major role in Iraq in general;  During the previous two months, it increased its attacks on Şengal, and began directly to support the Turkmen in Iraq, and cut off the waters of the Tigris in order to put pressure on Baghdad.

 Meanwhile, political activist Youssef Koti said: "Iran during this month increased its bombardment on the points of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iran, in Bradost and Balikati, which are affiliated with Başûr Kurdistan, taking advantage of the weakness of the political and military decision, and the crises in Başûr Kurdistan."

 Economic corruption and suppression of freedoms

 In addition, Başûr is experiencing a major economic crisis, through the government's inability to pay employees' salaries, and the emergence of administrative defects and corruption within institutions, which, during the last period, led to the emergence of economic classes within society and an increase in the level of unemployment.

Although Bashour receives $200 million from the Baghdad government per month, according to the Iraqi constitution, which gives the region 12.5 percent of Iraq’s budget, Bashour’s political and military weakness, and his disagreements with the Baghdad government, further exacerbated the economic situation.

 These conditions and crises experienced by Başûr Kurdistan have led to the emergence and rising of voices calling for reform internally and externally. However, the government of Başûr Kurdistan confronted these voices with repression and the imprisonment of many political activists and journalists.

 During the previous days, the media appeared to practice far from human rights practices in the prisons of Başûr, which prompted dozens of prisoners in Behdinan Prison to go on a hunger strike due to their poor conditions.

 All data and reports indicate that the internal and external crises that Bashur is experiencing are caused by an external regional power such as Turkey, in addition to the internal complicity of the Kurdistan Democratic Party with it.



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