Başûr authorities prevent Çira TV's work as the Yazidi pilgrimage approaches

The authorities of the government of Başûr (Southern Kurdistan) banned the Çira TV channel, which is concerned with the affairs of the Yazidi community, from working in Başûr (South Kurdistan), while the Çira T.V channel administration denounced this action through a statement.

Çira TV has been working in Başûr, especially in Shangal for 7 years, where it publishes rituals and celebrations for the Yazidi community. However, Asayish Shekhan blocked Çira TV work.

The Çira TV will not be able to follow the events of the Yazidis since July 27, in conjunction with the approach of the Yazidi pilgrimage to Lalish on the 6th of October.

The Çira TV Administration issued a statement to the public denouncing the ban on the work of Çira TV in Başûr and confirmed during the statement that the authorities of Başûr had threatened the workers to arrest if they did not stop working. The administration confirmed that they had visited Başûr officials, but they had not yet received an answer.


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