Başûr authorities obstruct march calling for Kurdish unity

The authorities of Başûr (South Kurdistan) prevented the completion of a march involving young people from several regions in Başûr that was calling for the rejection of Kurdish differences and the unification of the Kurdish rank.

The march of young men from South Kurdistan to Zîna Wartê area was ended "forcibly" after the security forces in Rania prevented them from completing their way towards the area.

The organizers of the youth march that started on Saturday morning from Rania to Zîna Wartê area read a statement before the media outlets following their detention behind Serkibkan security checkpoint and prevention from continuing the march to its goal.

The statement pointed out that Serkibkan checkpoint in the vicinity of Rania city in Kurdistan Region prevented the march from continuing its path towards Zîna Wartê which has witnessed tension since last March.

The march started at 11:00 on Saturday morning in an effort to reach Zîna Wartê area in the north of Hewler province with the aim of ending the dispute among the political and military forces in the region and urging them to agree and achieve the national unity.

Despite the negotiations between the march organizers and Asayîş Forces at that security point, the latter did not allow the march to be completed, and this is what caused the discontent of the youth.

The statement said that Wartê region is witnessing a dangerous escalation, apparently caused by Turkish plans with the aim of occupying the region and in collusion with the Kurdistan Democratic PAR.

The youth expressed their surprise that the Kurdistan Patriotic Union prevented them from completing the march, given that the security checkpoint that prevented them was subject to the influence of this party, wondering in the statement, "Is the Kurdistan Patriotic Union also involved in this dangerous plan that occurs in Zîna Wartê in order to prevent such a march?"

The statement indicated that preventing this march is not the first case, as the same checkpoint had previously prevented the mass delegations heading towards Zîna and Wartê in April for the same purpose.

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