Bashir held for two years after being convicted of financial corruption

A Sudanese court, today, Saturday, detained former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir for two years in the "Foundation for Social Reform", after being convicted of the file of financial corruption.


The criminal court also ordered the confiscation of the money in question, after it issued a 10-year prison sentence against al-Bashir (75 years) on the same charges of financial corruption.

Al-Bashir admitted that he obtained $ 90 million from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but the case that was ruled relates only to receiving $ 25 million from the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, months before the fall of his rule.

In the same session, the court overturned Al-Bashir's prison sentence for exceeding seventy years, and decided to subject him to two-year residency in social welfare homes, in the case known as “Forbidden Richness and Dealing in Foreign Exchange”.

Large security forces deployed in the streets of Khartoum on Saturday morning in anticipation of protests, and the army announced in a statement warning "we will prevent any violence."

This is the first court ruling against al-Bashir after he was overthrown by the army on April 11th.



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