Bashar Jarar: NATO summit is lesson for Erdogan as result of non-thoughtful escalation

​​​​​​​The researcher and political analyzer Bashar Jarar confirmed that the standing of Erdogan on the left side of the president of biggest side in the NATO {Trump} didn't forgive him in front of lot of criticisms against him and he saw the most important lesson that NATO gave to Erdogan is that the Treaty is not trusting him as ally neither partner and that is the result of non-thoughtful escalation which will be so hard. 

The NATO held its summit in two days in London and that because of speech war between the members and specially France and Turkey.

The researcher and political analyzer from Washington Bashar Jarar evaluated NATO summit saying:" Babaratzy Erdogan neither the photographers of the international agencies didn't get any smile from Turkish president even in the group shoot which is known in journalist language by photo app".

And added:" the standing of Receb Tayib Erdogan on the left side of the American president the biggest country in the NATO didn't forgive him in front of the criticisms which came against the "ottoman" leader from all sides specially the direct and hard criticisms from the French president Emanuel Macron in front of the international media".

And Jarar saw that " Erdogan's bad luck is slip of the tongue when he threatened that he will not accept any agreement or statement issued in the NATO 70th anniversary if the final statement didn’t contain any condemnation phrases for YPG and considering it terrorist organization.

What Erdogan received in London's summit was totally the opposite because the attach of America and NATO with Kurds increased as trusted partner in fighting terrorism, the Kurds with their symbolical historical struggle and with their multiple ethnic component in Syria is multiple ethnics, religious and sects".  

Even the shocking acts in the invasion which called " peace spring" fake, it find who punish him on it in the range of confirming in considering any zone built in Syria is zone to protect the Syrian ethnicities in the unit Syrian homeland which no kind of occupation that Erdogan's mercenaries make like ISIS acts in the smallest details , and it was not without reason when macron mentioned Erdogan's army is cooperate with ISIS terrorists.      

And about Erdogan's trying to blackmail the NATO Jarar confirmed :" the card of the blackmail which Ankara imagined it is able to threaten Europe security the NATO transferred these issue to the international authorities away of Turkish playing with the suffers of exhausted people in their refuging and displacing in their homeland and abroad".

Now lot realized the level of the fake of Turkish exploit of refugee card who are not able to buy properties and investments by dollars or Turkish lira"

And added : maybe the most important lesson that NATO gave to Erdogan is that the treaty is not trusting him as ally neither partner , and again was scolded on live by his French  counterpart in the presence the American president which Erdogan thought he will provide him the cover that he need.

Macron refute Erdogan's allegations that he resorted to Russian missiles system S-400 after Washington refused sealing him Patriot missiles in Obama's age , Macron exposed Turkish fake allegations by reminding Erdogan's refusing European alternative or temporary solution instead of the patriot" 

The political analyzer finished with " this is the result of non-thoughtful escalation, retreat then decline then political and media hard defeat".

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