Barsoum warns against dividing Syria unless solutions proposed by leader Ocalan are adopted

​​​​​​​Sanhareb Barsoum saw that any other solution proposed without the proposal of leader Abdullah Ocalan would be a division of Syria on the basis of sectarian, religious, and sectarian grounds.

The leader Abdullah Ocalan confirmed during the visit of his brother, Muhammad Ocalan, on March 4 to Imrali prison, after a fire broke out on Imrali Island, that the solution lies in achieving the forces in Rojava and its expanded unit within the framework of the unity of Syria, stressing that the Rojava strategy is very right. He stressed, "If the forces in Rojava do not achieve the unity of the Kurds, Arabs, Armenians and Christians, and turn this unity into a force, then it will not be able in the future to protect the unity of Syria."

The co-chair of the Syriac Union Party, Sanhareb Barsoum, who explained to ANHA agency about the message sent by leader Abdullah Ocalan through his brother Muhammad Ocalan that it is "important", and said: "His vision about diagnosing the crisis that has existed for a long time is accurate, and his views to solve these crises are very important."

Barsoum explained that leader Ocalan's vision about the cohesion and unity of the components is the main and important point, and he said: "Through it, real change can be achieved in order to defend the land and the people against any occupier, and against any terrorist forces that come to the region, and I see them as a basis point for the transition towards a free and democratic society and who Through which a new Syria can be built. "

And Barsoum explained that the Syrian war created a rift between the components in the Syrian society, whether on the basis of national or religious, and the conflicting forces in Syria manipulated the plurality in Syria, and said: "To stand before these plans and these wars and incitement that disintegrate the cohesion of the Syrian people, I think that the unity of society The Syrian, with all its components, and the mutual recognition of the other and the rights of all to be equal, is the basis for the advancement of a future Syria. "

The conflict in the Middle East is a struggle between despotic regimes and peoples eager for freedom

On the constructive solutions proposed by leader Abdullah Ocalan to solve the outstanding issues in Syria and the Middle East, Sanhrib Barsoum clarified that the diagnosis of the situation in several countries in the Middle East is in the broad title of a conflict between despotic regimes and peoples eager for freedom, democracy and participation in building and managing the state in the regions In which you live, and he pointed out: "This conflict exists through historical stages and up to this stage, therefore these systems always manipulate the rift between the components to control more the peoples of the region, and with the unity of the components and the the Autonomous Administration model that is far from chauvinistic models and the father Faith and nationalism can solve this conflict. "

Barsoum pointed to the experience of NE, Syria, and he said: "The essential point in it is to unify the components and participate together in defense and administrative building of the region in all areas of life, which is the reason for the continuation of this AA and its success on the ground, so we see it as a model and through which a new Syria can be built. On the basis of these new concepts and culture that have been devoted by Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria.

And the co-chair of the Syriac Union Party, Barsoum, said that any other solution proposed would be a division of Syria on the basis of sectarian, religious, and sectarian grounds. He said: “These are the real risks if we move away from this concept, a concept in which all components in Syria must be involved in administration of Syria, and any solution other than that It is going to divide the Syrian society and its geography. "



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