Barsoum: Turkish authorities aim to intimidate Syriac people in Turkey

Sanhrib Barsoum explained that the Turkish authorities aim to intimidate the Syriac people in Turkey, and showed that the Turkish actions against the Syriac people in Turkey are insulting.

On January 10, the Turkish authorities arrested the pastor of Mar Yaqoub monastery in Nusaybin district of Mardin State in Bakur Kurdistan (North Kurdistan), in addition to two other Syriacs, and they were released on January 14, and the parents of a monk of Şırnak State Church were kidnapped several days ago. The kidnapper was not known and the Turkish authorities did not move.

The co-chair of the Syriac Union Party, Sanhrib, Barsoum, explained to our agency, that the violations of the Turkish authorities against the Syriac people, the Assyrians, and the Chaldeans are many and multiple in Turkey. He said: "Recently, the Turkish authorities arrested three Syrians, one of them was the mayor of the village of Arkah, the other monk, the pastor of the monastery of Mar Yacoub, and another citizen.". "

Sanhrib Barsoum indicated that the mukhtar of the village of Arkah and the citizen was released, while the pastor of the church of Deir Mar Yaqoub was transferred to the court, and he was released on Tuesday, January 14, and he said: "The charges against them are false and invented."

Barsum pointed out that the Turkish actions against the Syriac people are insulting, and he said: "These actions are insulting to our people in the first place, and also to the Syriac Church."

"We know very well the extent of tyranny of the Turkish regime, its methods and its tricks against our people, such as displacement, and their persecution in its regions by means of security and intelligence, and the aim of these methods is to intimidate the Syriac people," Sanhrib Barsoom said.

He noted that they reject these actions against the Syriac people.

Barsoum Barsoum also: "We know the extent of the violation of human rights within the Turkish state by the current regime against the general components in Turkey, so international organizations and the international community are required to stop these major violations against the entire Syriac people and people in particular."



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