Barsoum: international community must pressure for activating Syrian political solution

 The co-chair of the Syriac Union Party called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and pressure all parties to activate the political solution in Syria under the auspices of the United Nations, and to implement international resolutions and to ensure the participation of all actors on the ground in committees that may be formed by the United Nations.

In an interview with ANHA in the city of Qamishlo on the latest political developments on the Syrian arena, Sanharib Barsoum spoke about the impact of international and regional interests on resolving the crisis and on the mechanism of avoiding external interference.

In this regard, Barsoum pointed out that regional and international intervention will not serve the interests of the Syrian people and their demands for freedom and democracy. Turkey's policies towards the Syrian people are nothing but colonial policies that will not serve the Syrian people but will increase their suffering and crisis.

"The international silence and the silence of the Syrian regime and its allies on the Turkish occupation to Syrian territory and the violations committed in the Syrian territories, especially what is happening today in Afrin," said Barsoum, "like the demographic change, and the displacement of the coexisting components there, this comes within the framework of international and regional interests amongst these countries at the expense of the Syrian people, and the agreements that targeted the Syrian areas through the Astana agreement is one of those mutual interests between Russia, Iran and Turkey at the expense of Syrian people and territories, which did not make any decision to serve the Syrian people."

 On the insistence of Turkey to talk about the "safe zone" in northern and eastern Syria, Barsoum said that "Turkey's insistence on safe areas and under its control is due to Syrian Democratic Forces' overwhelming victory over Daesh mercenaries and mercenaries who preceded them, which means the victory of the Syrian people over the plans of the Justice and Development Party in Syria, and the loss of mercenaries supported by Turkey to the region, it also means the loss of the Turkish project in the Syrian equation as the main supporter of terrorism in the region.

He also pointed out in this context regarding the safe area claimed by Turkey that it is in order to proceed with its plan to control Syria, and said, " Turkey is trying through this area- demanding the coalition- to facilitate its occupation of Syrian territory, and we confirmed our rejection to intervention in the Syrian territories, and any role in the safe area that is working on it, as a result of the serious violations we see daily in the areas under Turkish occupation and mercenaries in the north of Syria: the policy of colonization, Turkification and displacement, which prove the hostility of the Turkish policy against the Syrian people," and noted that it requires the Syrian people and the opposition parties to stand firmly against these dangerous colonial policies.

"Doubtlessly, Turkey is trying to make gains through its relations with the West on the one hand, and through NATO on the other, not to mention its relations with Russia," Barsoum said. "With which it has entered into joint agreements through the Astana conferences, and Turkey is trying to follow the policy of obtaining gains in Syria and some other regional and international projects of both parties, the US and Russia, all at the expense of the Syrian people.

 "But this double Turkish policy does not satisfy neither America nor Russia, not even the Turkish people. The current sanctions against Turkey, the revolution of the Turkish people, the Turkish political parties and the loss of the ruling party in the local elections confirms that this policy is not successful." he said.

 He stressed that the Turkish policy has entered into confusion state and will have a direct impact on Syria, because Turkey is trying through its policy in Syria to export its internal crisis and internal economic collapse abroad.

On the future of Syria, Barzoum explained, "The Syrian situation in light of all this international and regional intervention is a complicated situation and does not help in moving towards a political solution desired by the Syrian people, noting that the current Syrian situation faces many obstacles to reach a political solution.

The co-chair of the Syriac Union Party, Sanharib Barsoum, concluded his speech by calling on the international community "To pressure all parties to activate the political solution under the auspices of the United Nations, to implement international resolutions and to emphasize the participation of all Syrian opposition forces and actors on the ground within the committees that may be formed by the United Nations. In order to start construction on firm foundations to reach a solution that satisfies all Syrians. "



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