Barakat: Women issues must take into consideration to diminish violence

Lina Barakat said that the culture of family violence is widespread in Syria and the world significantly, and called for taking women issues into consideration to diminish the violence, alluding that the feminist movements and experiences in north and east of women have been diminished the violence.

Covid-19 has spread in all over the world, which is still killing thousands of the people, so lockdown has been imposed as precautionary measure, and we found indications of increasing the in cases of domestic violence against women, as statistics issued by reports of international and international organizations showed the horrific proportions of violence.

In this regard, the Syrian Women's Council issued a statement earlier to the public opinion in which it appealed to the United Nations to implement all decisions concerning guaranteeing women's rights worldwide and the need for civil organizations and platforms working in the field of human rights to demand the implementation of sanctions and prosecute perpetrators of violence.

The general coordinator of the Syrian Women’s Council, Lina Barakat, reported on this issue that it was noticed during the home quarantine that the culture of violence is widespread in the world intensively, and specifically against women, and she said, “The fact that the Syrian Women’s Council was established to help women and stand alongside them to face all that impedes their freedom, being a human has her independent entity and freedom, and this is what called us to issue the statement to reduce this violence and appeal to those interested in women, so that there is international cooperation not only on Syrian women, but also on all women in the world, and coordination is required to face everything that impedes her path, progress, and life-threatening.

Regarding the statistics of women who have been subjected to violence, Lina Barakat confirmed that they work with the relevant authorities in northern and eastern Syria and the rest of the Syrian cities to obtain accurate numbers and statistics of cases of violence against women in Syria that will be issued later in a statement on behalf of the Syrian Women's Council.

North Syria's experiences reduced violence

She noted: We cannot say that women have been able to reach their full rights and that the inferior view of women has been completely removed, but it appears in the regions of northern and eastern Syria that the proportions are lower compared to global countries, and this is an achievement for women and the feminist movement in northern and eastern Syria because of the great openness, that granted the women several rights and their participation in political and public life that positively affected their cause."

Lina Barakat denounced, in the context of her speech, the international silence towards the war crimes committed against women, particularly in the occupied territories, and said: The Turkish state and its mercenaries must be held accountable for the killings, kidnappings, and extortion in women in Afrin, Serêkaniyê her unethical exploitation to undermine women's will and break her revolution and to prevent their participation in liberating their lands.

Lina Barakat appealed to the international community to hold these aggressors accountable and document the crimes of the Turkish regime and its armed factions to restore occupied lands and women's rights.

The world’s women's issues must take into consideration

And she said about what is the best solution to stop violence against women "The set of laws on human rights is not enough. In the western world, they show off of human rights and women, but these laws do not protect women from domestic violence, so it is necessary to review the issue of women and solve a relationship women and men, and work on several measures and dimensions, starting from education and ending with laws and rights.

Lina Barakat, the General Coordinator of the Syrian Women’s Council, called at the end of the meeting to form a crisis cell that cooperates with other cells in the countries of the world to confront this new old catastrophe, which exposed the falsehood of the world and the falsehood of the relationship between men and women based on violence, rape of rights and lack of respect for women.



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