​​​​​​​Bani Saba clan: Assassinations aim to sow discord between Arab clans in favor of external agendas

The notable of Bani Saba clan, Ahmed Dahiman from the Arab clan of Tayyi had condemned the assassination of the sheikh of al-Akkidat clan Mutashar al-Hafil, and explained that the aim of his assassination was to strike the clans together, and sow discord between the components of the region and undermine their cohesion.

The foreign agendas continuously work to sow discord between the clans and Arab clans in north and east of Syria, in particular the Turkish occupation that follows dirty methods in this filed, such as recruiting sleeper cells through its clients, and carrying out assassinations to sow discord in the region, and spread sedition between the people of north east of Syria on the Autonomous Administration.

Recently, a number of Arab clans' notables, who are known for their tireless work to consolidate the principles of peoples' fraternity, and to consolidate bonds of love and patriotism, were assassinated, such as the assassination of a member of  al- Raqqa Civil Council Omar Alloush in March 2018, and the assassination of the co-chair of Deir –ez-Zor Council Marwan Fateh in December of the year 2018, and on November 2, 2018, Bashir Fasil al-Huwaidi was assassinated, the sheikh of al-Afadleh tribe, the largest of al-Raqqa tribes, and the head of al-Bakir clan committee” in the tribal council, and a spokesman al-Akkidat clan Mutashar al-Have 2 August.

The notable Ahmad Hayman, the Bani Saba tribe, one of the Arab tribes of Tayyi in Tel Hamis, condemned and denounced the criminal act against the Arab tribes and al-Akkidat tribe, and the assassination of Sheikh Mutashar al-Hamoud al-Jadaan al-Hifal.

The goal of the assassination is to sow discord among Arab tribes

Ahmed Dahiman stressed: "This cowardly attack is nothing but to cause discord and sow discord among Arab tribes, in favor of external agendas, and what happened in the countryside of Deir-ez-Zor; it will happen in al-Hasakah and al-Raqqa region, unless the clans and components come together, and the real perpetrators are arrested, and brought to justice."

He wished from all clans and citizens to put an end to these criminal acts, to reach the perpetrators, investigate them and try them fairly, and pointed out that: “The people of the region adhere to this country, and we must help the concerned authorities in knowing the truth behind the killing of Sheikh Mutashar al-Hifal.”

At the end of his speech, Dahiman offered condolences to al-Akkidat clan for the loss of Sheikh Mutasher al-Hamoud al-Jadaan al-Hifal and his driver, and he explained that they had lost one of the symbols of the Arab tribes in the countryside of Deir-ez-Zor.



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