Bakr Allo calls on Damascus to expel Turkish occupation instead of besieging the displaced

The co-chair of the Executive Council of the occupied Afrin canton, Bakr Allo, said, "The state of Russia has not fulfilled its obligations related to exerting pressure on Damascus to give up imposing the siege on the displaced in al-Shahba canton."

The Damascus government imposes a siege on al-Shahba canton, which hosts tens of thousands of displaced people from Afrin canton, which Turkey and its mercenaries occupied in March 2018.

Despite the many criticisms and appeals directed at the Damascus government, the Damascus government did not elaborate on implementing the blockade.

The Damascus government checkpoints leading to al-Shahba canton prevent the entry of food, medical and fuel supplies, as well as textbooks.

“Resistance in the face of government blockade”

In this regard, the co-chair of the Executive Council of the occupied Afrin canton said, "We have no choice but to resist and stand firm in the face of all conspiracies and targeting the components of northern and eastern Syria, especially the policies of the Syrian government towards the displaced Afrin, who are an integral part of the Syrian people and of the Syrian geography."

Allo criticized the policies of the Damascus government and its evasion of the tasks of protecting Syria and its unity, and continued by saying, "Accountability of the Turkish state and its practices against the Syrian people, expelling the Turkish occupation army from the Syrian lands and preserving the Syrian geography and its people, more important than the preoccupation with continuing to impose the siege on the displaced from Afrin, and tightening the screws on them with the aim of eliminating them."

Allo pointed out that Damascus policies "are in the interest of the enemies of the Syrian people and prolong the life of the Syrian crisis, and do not aim to find a solution to the Syrian crisis."

“Syrian government practices are not different from Turkish state’s against Afrin peolpe”

Allo likened the Syrian government policies towards the displaced in Afrin in al-Shahba areas to the practices of the Turkish state and its terrorist mercenaries against the remaining residents of occupied Afrin, saying, "They do not differ from them and follow the same pattern."

“Russia promised but did not keep its promise”

The co-chair of the Executive Council of the occupied Afrin canton criticized Russia’s failure to fulfill its promises, saying, “Russia promised to put pressure on the Syrian government to stop its practices towards the displaced people of Afrin,” noting that the Russian promises “were in vain, as the Damascus government increased its practice and deliberately continued to do so."

About the calls of the Damascus government to Syrian refugees abroad to return, Bakr Allo explained, "The Syrian government continues its hostile policy towards the displaced from Afrin, and on the other hand it calls for the return of Syrian refugees, while we are within the Syrian territories and besieging us and practicing on us a policy of starvation and acquiescence."

“The displaced of Afrin are alongside their administration; they are aware of reality”

The co-chair of the Executive Council in Afrin region confirmed that the displaced people of Afrin are determined to stay by the side of their administration and that they have become aware of the truth of what the Syrian government and the parties aim at in order to disperse the people.

He praised the resistance and steadfastness of the people of Afrin in al-Shahba and within the camps, and emphasized that their first goal is "to return to their homes and expel the Turkish state and its mercenaries from Afrin."



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