"Bahraini, Moroccan"calls for activities in solidarity with Palestinians, rejection of "deal of century"

Several Moroccan and Bahraini organizations have called on citizens to take part in national solidarity activities with the Palestinian people, reject the "Deal of the Century" and "Bahrain Conference" to be held on the 22nd of this month in Manama, of Bahrain.

Moroccan authorities called for large marches in a statement issued by eight bodies on Tuesday evening (June 18th).

It called on the Moroccan people to participate extensively in the marches.

The Bahrain National Accord Society announced the organization of a forum entitled "Sovereignty for Peace and Prosperity" in protest against the hosting of Bahrain workshop in preparation for the declaration of the United States of what is known as the "Deal of the Century".

It said that the forum will be held with the participation of Palestinian and Arab "to emphasize the Palestinian, Arab and Bahraini rejection of Israeli projects and trade in the Palestinian cause, the latest of which is the project of the century deal, which constitutes a major earthquake."

It explained that the forum will be held in the Lebanese capital Beirut on the twenty-second of June, due to the difficulty of convening in Bahrain, which "dedicated all its security forces, military and intelligence to protect the" workshop Bahrain. "



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