​​​​​​​Badran Hamo: Let arms be directed at whoever seeks to destroy our culture, language

The member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party Badran Hamo called on all Kurdish political parties and forces to unite their ranks and not to be drawn into fighting brothers, saying: "Let our weapons be aimed at our enemies who seek to destroy our culture and language."

Calls and initiatives calling for the unity of the Kurdish rank are increasing, the most prominent of which was the initiative launched by the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces Mazloum Abdi to unify the Kurdish rank and end the division of the Kurdish political forces. In this regard, our agency interviewed the member of the General Council of the Democratic Union Party Badran Hamo.

At the beginning of his speech, Hamo touched on the history of the Kurds and the campaigns of extermination they were exposed to since ancient times, where the Kurds established the Median Empire in front of oppression and tyranny, as they made their resistance against their enemies an example to be followed in order to preserve their culture and land rich in natural goods, but the enemies of the Kurds sought to destroy this empire with the aim of eradicating the existence of the Kurds, which led to the destruction of that empire.

He continued: "After the demolition of the Median Empire, the Kurds had another opportunity to reinvent themselves and claim their rights and lands that were taken from them by a new policy based on the fraternity of peoples and co-existence that gathered all the components of the region."

He added: "However, some countries hostile to those policies have tried hard to fight the Kurds wherever they are found to prevent them from living on their land freely by spreading discord among the Kurds, the outbreak of differences among them, and the application of the policy to disperse and deviate them from their objectives."

Turkish occupation tries to encircle Qandil

About the recent events in Zîna Wartê in Başûr of Kurdistan which witnessed tension against the background of the Kurdistan Democratic Party mobilizing its military forces in exchange for the People's Defense Forces in Qandil, Hamo said that Zîna Wartê region is a strategic area of great importance as it is a border triangle within three parts of Kurdistan and this is why the Turkish occupation seeks to dominate it and control all crossings leading to Qandil to impose a siege on it and occupy Başûr Kurdistan with the help of the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

A Kurdish-national conference must be held

Hamo pointed out that at the current stage, the Kurds must continue their struggle and unify their ranks by holding a national conference for all political parties to unify their culture and land at the level of all parts of Kurdistan by applying a policy of reason and knowledge in front of these policies to reach a Kurdish national constitution and obtain the Kurdish identity, stressing that the enemies of the Kurds are working hard to erase that culture, our mother tongue and the gains that have been made in Rojava Revolution by killing the Kurds at the hands of the Kurds.

At the end of his speech, Hamo called on all Kurdish political parties and forces to follow the project of the democratic nation, unify their efforts and strength, and not be drawn into the brothers war because it is not in our interest to antagonize each other, saying: "Let our weapons be directed towards the enemies of the Kurds who seek to erase the Kurds."



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