Azerbaijani forces bomb a military unit in Vardinis region, inside Armenia

The Armenian Ministry of Defense said that the Azerbaijani armed forces opened fire on an Armenian military unit in the border town of Vardinis, which is located miles away from the Artsakh / Karabakh region, the epicenter of the clashes in the past few days.

The representative of the Armenian Ministry of Defense, Artsron Hovhannisyan, announced in a press conference that the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia did not suffer any losses from the Azerbaijani attack in the direction of Vardinis military sites, and indicated that the battles are still continuing.

"A civilian bus was set on fire after it was targeted by an Azerbaijani drone," Artsron Hovhannisyan added, according to the Armenian Press Agency.

"This action of the Azerbaijani forces was preceded by misleading information from the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense that the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia fired missiles from the Vardinis region at the Dashkan region in Azerbaijan," the Armenian army military spokesman concluded.

Earlier, the Armenian Ministry of Defense stated that by Monday evening, the Armenian Armed Forces had shot down 49 unmanned aerial vehicles, four helicopters and one aircraft in Karabakh, and destroyed 80 tanks and 82 pieces of vehicles, belonging to the Azerbaijani army.



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