Ayten Beçet 's corpse buried in Dîlok state

With the presence of an intensive Turkish state police and attempts to prevent the participation of the people. The body of Ayten Beçet was buried in Dîlok state in (Entab), who was detained in Gebze prison, who carried out commando operation to denounce the isolation imposed on Ocalan.

The body of Ayten Beçet was taken on Saturday, by plane belonging to theTurkish state's police from Istanbul to Dîlok state, Ayten's father was forced to return from Ankara to Dîlo, where he had received his daughter's body.

The police of the Turkish state took Ayten 's father to the cemetery of "Ichilkenti", where Ayten was buried. After knowing that the police had taken Ayten's father forcibly to the cemetery, parliamentarians from the Democratic Peoples' Party and relatives of Ayten went to the cemetery

But the Turkish police, which intensified their presence in the neighborhood where they lived and block roads, prevented the MPs and relatives of Ayten from heading to the cemetery, but after the attempts and discussions allowed the police to go to the cemetery.

After arriving at the cemetery, the police standing at the gate of the cemetery, MPs and Ayten family were prevented from entering the cemetery and said they had received orders to prevent parliamentarians from entering.

After attempts, the police allowed the mother of Ayten Beçet

, Fatima Beçet and her father Sabri Beçet and 20 MPs, to enter the cemetery, so that the body of Ayten could be buried in the dark night.



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