Avin Sweid: We must escalate struggle to end violence and occupation forms

​​​​​​​Avin Sweid has saluted the holding of 8th Kongra Star, stressing that the necessity to escalate the struggle to end violence and occupation, saying:" By virtue of the women unity, we will fail all the aggressive policies against our people and our land to achieve the building of a free and democratic Syria."

The speech of the spokeswomen of the Kongra Star Aven Sweid came during the opening speech at the eighth conference of the Kongra Star in North and East Syria, which was launched shortly before in the town of Rumaylan with the participation of 300 delegates.

At the beginning of her speech, Aven Sweid welcomed all women coming from all regions of northeastern Syria and the Syrian capital Damascus, guests from Başûr Kurdistan, representatives of political parties and forces and the Autonomous Administration, conference members, and the fighters of Women's Protection Units YPJ, and commemorated the martyrs Zilan, Arab, Zahra and Havrin Khalaf, saying" the level that women have reached was thanks to the sacrifices of women and Ocalan ideology who united all components of northern and eastern Syria, and in our turn we salute the resistance of women who struggle against the occupation."

Avin said, "The Syrian crisis is deepening at the hands of the dominant countries. Women and children have been victims of this domination. Women have been killed, displaced, raped, and underage married, and not only women and children, causing unthinkable devastation."

She added: Women, through their struggle and resistance, did not yield to power and the dominant forces in Syria, and by the unity of women in northeastern Syria, they were able to counter all the injustice and pain policies they are exposed to at the hands of the Turkish occupation, and great gains have been achieved that were a thorn in the eyes of the foes."

From this rostrum we support the women of Şengal

On the current policies in Başûr Kurdistan, Avin Sweid said: “History repeats itself. The Ottoman state practiced extermination on the Armenian people, and today it is repeating the same actions by practicing political extermination on the Kurdish people in Bakur Kurdistan from arresting women, politicians, civilians and journalists.

In Başûr Kurdistan, women are also subjected to injustice and oppression, but they did not give in, as we witnessed several demonstrations calling for their legitimate right. We did not forget Şengal and what happened to it in 2014, when Yazidi women were raped, tortured, killed, and sold, and an army of Yazidis was formed to liberate their women from ISIS grip, but today we see that the events of the extermination of the Şengal people repeat themselves through the plans and policies planned against them by the governments of Baghdad and Holler. Therefore, we say from this rostrum we support Şengal and the women of Şengal.

We must escalate the struggle to end the violence and the occupation

She also saluted the resistance of Haftaneen, who is achieving great victories thanks to the blood of the martyrs.

Avin Sweid, concluded her speech saying " all the wishes for the conference to come up with important decisions in order to escalate the women's struggle to end all forms of violence and war on women and protect them from all enemies.


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