Avin Haj Hamo: The report of the fact-finding committee is not complete, especially the right of Afrin women

​​​​​​​The co-chair of the Social Justice Council, Avin Haj Hamo, confirmed that the report of the United Nations Commission of Inquiry was not complete, and did not document all violations, especially the right of Afrin women, calling for resolute measures to be taken against the fascist Turkish state.

The United Nations International Commission of Inquiry recently issued a report documenting some of the violations committed by the Turkish state in the occupied territories in northern and eastern Syria, but the report is incomplete and did not document many violations, especially against Afrin women who have been subjected to the most brutal and inhuman violations within Afrin canton.

In this context, our agency, Hawar, the co-chair of the Social Justice Council in North and East Syria, Avin Hajj Hamo, spoke: “Since the beginning of the Turkish aggression against the safe Afrin, and its occupation after violent resistance shown by the people of Afrin in front of this brutal aggression, the Turkish occupation entered with its mercenaries safe Afrin and they committed many crimes against the people who remained inside Afrin, including stealing, killing and forcible displacement, meaning all crimes that affect humanity, and are considered war crimes against humanity.

Avin continued, saying: “After many appeals by families and human rights organizations inside Syria and Afrin in particular, a report was recently issued by the United Nations International Investigation Commission to investigate the facts about Turkish violations, and in the report there are indications of clear violations by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against them. The people of Afrin in particular and all the occupied areas.

Avin added: "The report noted the existence of violations and crimes against the people, and of course the woman was the first victim of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, as they practiced a lot of sexual violence, kidnappings, violations and rape against women in Syria and the Afrin region, as the report mentioned the rape of a minor girl in Afrin as evidence. And documents in the prison of the Turkish Military Police. "

Avin stressed the contents of the report, saying: “This report was not sufficient to monitor the violations against women in Afrin, because according to documented human rights reports and evidence by human rights organizations that document what is happening inside Afrin, such as (Human Rights Organization Afrin - Syria), more than 65 cases of rape, and more than 400 kidnappings, and the kidnapped women are still unknown in their status and fate. "

And Avin added: “The investigation committee has not documented all of these cases despite the presence of sufficient evidence to condemn Turkey and its mercenaries of the violations they committed and kidnap women, and that we hope soon, another file will open regarding violations of the rights of women inside Afrin, and international human rights and humanitarian organizations hope to work more to convey the voice of Afrin women to international forums. "

At the end of her speech, Avin appealed to the international and humanitarian organizations concerned with holding accountable Turkey's truth about the crimes it committed in the areas it occupied, especially in Afrin and Serekaniye/ Ras- al-Ain.



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