Autonomous Administration issues new decisions

The Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria thanked the people for recognizing the dangers of the virus and adhering to the procedures and instructions issued for further prevention and for the safety of the people and the public interest. The Administration issued several other resolutions to comply with them under the curfew.

The Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria issued a statement which read as follow:

"We thank all our people for the understanding and awareness of the risks posed by COVID-19 virus through their commitment to the procedures issued by The Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria with regard to the curfew.

Based on the necessity of applying these procedures and decisions properly, we call on our people to support each other in this difficult period that we are going through and taking into account the current humanitarian conditions by exempting tenants from homes, not monopolizing goods and raising food prices. compliance with the following:

- full compliance with the regulation of the ration price issued by the Supply Directorate and anyone who has not complied exposes themselves to legal procedures.

- We hope that everyone will abide by not leaving the house except for the utmost necessity, as well as preventing visits, especially the family ones.

- Any funerals are received from outside the autonomous areas provided that they are from northeastern Syria after they have undergone the necessary health procedures.

- Respective institutions is obliged to impose a home quarantine on anyone who comes from outside of our areas for 14 days.

 - Exchange offices are allowed to open their offices one day a week on Fridays.

Your cooperation with us increases our control to prevent the spread of this virus, and it is our duty of concern and public safety that we hope that we will all abide by our preventive duties.

We wish the health and safety of our people and the whole world."



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