Autonomous Administration handed over Dutch, French children

The Autonomous Administration(AA) has handed over 14 orphaned children of Daesh mercenaries, who have Dutch and French citizenship, to their country's governments under an official document.

 A joint delegation from the French and Dutch foreign ministries visited the headquarters of the Foreign Relations Department of the North and East Syrian of AA in the town of Ain Issa on Saturday (June 8th) to discuss the developments in the Syrian arena and the AA areas.

The French diplomatic delegation was headed by the head of the Crisis Center at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Eric Chevallier, and the Dutch delegation headed by the head of the Foreign Ministry's Crisis Center Iyan Bijan.

The delegation was received by the joint presidency of the Department of External Relations Abdulkarim Omar, Amel Daddah and members of the department. A meeting was held between the representatives of the AA and the European delegation, which was closed to the media for three hours.

An official document between AA and the governments of the Netherlands and France was signed to hand over 12 French orphaned children and two Dutch children, who had been liberated by SDF earlier during a recent battle against mercenaries in the town of al-Bagouz of Deir ez-Zor countryside.

The joint delegation in a statement to the media, thanked the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces in finding the children and in providing help to the government of their country.

It is noteworthy that Iyan Bijan conveyed a message by the Dutch Foreign Minister, in which he confirmed the Netherlands support for the establishment of an international tribunal on the territory of northern and eastern Syria, to prosecute mercenaries of Daesh who were arrested by SDF. As well as support for security, stability and the process of reconstruction and political settlement of Syria, as Amel Daddah told the media

and pointed out that the French delegation expressed full support of AA of northern and eastern Syria on the military, diplomatic and service levels.


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