Autonomous Administration-Damascus negotiations one step forward and two steps back

The director of the Kurds Without Borders Center believes that the Damascus government is evading dialogue under Iranian-Turkish pressure, and Russia is trying to gain time until the American elections.

Several rounds of negotiation between the Autonomous Administration and the Damascus government without yielding tangible results in a state of ebb and flow between optimism and pessimism.

Despite this, the political dialogues were not completed between the two parties, as the Syrian government and Russia always link the negotiation file with the Turkish occupation's threats to launch attacks on the regions in northern and eastern Syria, and Damascus imposes impossible conditions for the Autonomous Administration, which met with rejection.

According to observers, both Russia and the Damascus are trying to exploit the Turkish threats to carry out the so-called settlements of the mercenary groups in other Syrian regions, all this with an understanding with Turkey.

An optimism atmosphere prevailed after the visit of the Syrian Democratic Council delegation to Moscow and memorandum of understanding with the Popular Will Party. This was followed by a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

However, this did not last long, during the recent visit of the Russian delegation to Damascus and the press conference by Lavrov and the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem, the latter described the memorandum of understanding that was signed in Moscow as unconstitutional.

This was followed by statements by the President of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, in which she indicated that the dialogue with the Damascus government is very difficult.

All this data raises several questions about Damascus government’s refusal to engage in serious negotiations with the Autonomous Administration, and the truth of the Russian position on these negotiations. For this topic, Director of the Kurd Center Without Borders, Kadar Beri spoke to Hawar News Agency.

"Evade negotiation"

Beri said at the beginning of his speech: "The negotiation schedule included more than one round. It was always the regime that evaded and made clear and public statements, while the Autonomous Administration always declared that it was ready for dialogue with all the Syrian parties."

He explained, "More than once, the regime refused dialogue, or set impotent conditions, as if it wanted to return to before 2011, and of course this is impossible."

He added, "This regime rejects any progress in the negotiations, on the contrary, it consumes time to restore its control over all of Syria under the support of Iran and Russia."

He said during his speech, "In the end, there will be dialogue and at least broad points of understanding. In fact, the regime does not have the decisions of itself politically and militarily, not on the ground nor even on the issue of Syria's sovereignty, because there are international bodies that decide on it according to the interests of those parties. Of course, the regime tries to claim that it is a fundamental party."

"The MOU was sponsored by Russia"

Regarding the memorandum of understanding between SDC and the Popular Will Party, he said, "The last agreement was sponsored by Russia. Mr. Kadri Jamil tried to say there was no pressure and their dialogue is only Syrian-Syrian. Everyone knows without the Russian green light, he would not allow the agreement to be in Moscow. "

He added, "This was followed by a direct visit from Lavrov to Damascus. All issues were discussed, but in public they talked about investment committees and reconstruction committees. Of course, there can be no reconstruction without finding a solution in Syria, and the regime talked about investment. What investment is it talking about and it is not?" It has from the energy sources that are under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which liberated it from the terrorist organizations ISIS and its sisters. Those who liberated these areas, decide how to invest that area in the service of the general Syrian society.

"Russia seeks time-consuming till the American elections"

On the truth of the Russian position, he said, "The Russian agrees with all the points that have been discussed to raise the issue directly to the United Nations and Damascus."

He added, "Damascus is restless because of the Iranian pressure on it, but Russia is not serious enough to put pressure on Damascus. The Russian also wants to gain time till the American elections. The chances of winning were for Biden, he would continue this step and put pressure on the regime to make these points a basis for negotiations between SDC and Damascus. If Trump wins, perhaps Russia will retreat because Trump's policies serve its interests in Syria and the Middle East.

"Damascus policies will bring more destruction."

The director of the Kurds Without Borders Center, Beri evaluated the results of the Damascus government’s policies, saying: “All the policies were wrong, dictatorial and barbaric, a programmed denial of identities, nationalities and cultures in Syria. With the beginning of the crisis this regime increased dictatorship, arrogance, injustice and incursion into murder, there were no wise policies for this regime., because it still thinks it can return to before the year 2011.

He added, "If the regime remains like this, then it ends itself. It harms everyone who reached out to him, whether from the regional powers or even internally from those who support him."

With this mentality, it will bring more destruction to this country and all its components, because the regime's policies harm everyone. "

He concluded his speech by saying: "Everyone is waiting for the results of the American elections. These elections are very important, but what they understood closely from the policies of the Autonomous Administration is that they do not obey anyone’s orders and that they always do what is in the interest of the Syrian people in general and the components of northern and eastern Syria in particular."



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