Autonomous Administration bodies call on Swedish delegation for direct support not through Damascus government

In their meetings with representatives of the Swedish Foreign Ministry, the Health Authority and the Office of Humanitarian Affairs in the Autonomous Administration focused on the need for Swedish government organizations to support the Autonomous Administration institutions to provide health and humanitarian care to the people of the region, and to move away from supporting the region through the Damascus government.

The demands of the Autonomous Administration bodies came during the separate meetings with the delegation of the Swedish Foreign Ministry representatives that have been visiting the regions of northern and eastern Syria since last Saturday, and after the delegation had held many meetings with officials of the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria, the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Kurdish parties In the region.

In an effort by the Swedish delegation to know the region’s health conditions and what the region needs, the Swedish delegation met today in Qamishlo, northern and eastern Syria, with both the "Office of Humanitarian Affairs and Organizations, and the Health Authority".

The first meeting brought together both the Swedish delegation represented by each of the “head of the delegation, the special envoy for the Syrian file in the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Per Ornius, responsible for the humanitarian file and aid in the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thomas Marcus, the official of the Swedish governmental organization known as“ Sida Lucy ”, with the co-chair of the Office of Humanitarian Affairs and Organizations, Farhad Hamo, and his deputy, Sami Dendel.

The Office of Humanitarian Affairs indicated in it the number of international organizations and local associations operating in the area, the link between these organizations and associations, the areas of their spread, and their service points, as well as the basic needs to support the people of the region on the humanitarian level, and the requirements of the Autonomous Administration in serving the spread camps In the areas of their administration. "

As for the second meeting, the Swedish delegation met with the Health Authority in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, attended by the Swedish Foreign Ministry representatives, the co-chair of the Health Authority, Joan Mustafa, and his deputy, Mahmoud Al-Abdullah.

At the outset of the meeting, the co-chair of the Health Authority, Joan Mustafa, spoke about the difficulties that the region suffers from in terms of health, especially the failure of global health organizations, and international organizations concerned with the health sector, in providing assistance to health institutions of the Autonomous Administration and for serving citizens.

Mustafa said, "The region needs support in the health sector, especially at the current stage of what the world is witnessing from the Corona pandemic, and just as the region suffers from the lack of health facilities available to provide health care to the people, and the need for organizations to act in this context."

Regarding the outcomes of the meeting, the deputy of the Health Authority’s co-chair in the Autonomous Administration, Mahmoud Al-Abdullah, said to our agency: "We discussed the most important difficulties facing the health sector in northern and eastern Syria, and the focus was on the issue of Covid-19, and the obstacles facing us during this crisis."

He added, "We presented our vision on ways of assistance regarding this health sector, and in fact there are common views and the visiting delegation understands our demands, and we explained to them the de facto status quo as well as the difficulties that we encounter and how to improve this sector."

Al-Abdullah confirmed that they had reached a communication mechanism between the two parties, to provide assistance to the region, and that the Swedish side focused on that they would work to support some organizations to deal directly with the Autonomous Administration without resorting to dealing with the region through the Damascus government.

The Swedish delegation headed from the city of Qamishlo towards Amuda district to meet with the co-chair of the Executive and Legislative Council of Al-Jazeera region, according to the delegation’s program.



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