Austrian delegation visits DFR in Qamishlo

​​​​​​​Today, a delegation from Austria, headed by Green Party Member of Parliament Eva Dzic, and researcher and academic Thomas Schmidenfer, arrived at the Department of Foreign Relations in Qamishlo city.

 The delegation was received by the co-chairs of the Department of Foreign Relations, Fanar Al-Kait, Abeer Elia and Khaled Ibrahim, a member of the department's administrative board.  The two sides discussed the importance of supporting the Autonomous Administration politically and economically, as well as the economic and security obstacles, and the need for the international community to shoulder its responsibilities, cooperate and coordinate with it regarding the terrorism file.

 The Vice-President, Fanar al-Kait, spoke about the Turkish threats and attacks targeting various cities and regions in north and east Syria, in addition to the structure of the Autonomous Administration, the work of its institutions, and striving to develop the reality of north and east Syria.

 He said: “The administration is facing major challenges, including economic and humanitarian ones, especially after the closure of the Tel Koçber (Al Yaroubiya) crossing, and the inability of humanitarian aid to reach only a small percentage, as it arrives through Damascus, which exacerbates the suffering of the residents of the area, in addition to Caesar’s law and its repercussions on the region.

 Al-Kait pointed to the seriousness of the deterioration of the situation in the Al-Hol and Roj camps, and the danger of children and women remaining in those camps, where they are brought up on the ideology of terrorism, which helps (ISIS) to organize its ranks again, explaining that the response from the international community to restore their nationals does not achieve a fundamental solution to the issue.  Terrorism and the need to support the Autonomous Administration to improve the situation of camps and detention centers and establish centers to rehabilitate them to curb terrorism and bring peace and stability to the region.

 For her part, Austrian Member of Parliament from the Green Party, Eva Dzic, said: "The Turkish president's plans violate international law, and the international community bears the responsibility to defend the basic principles of the international system."

 She pointed out that "the geopolitical turmoil strengthens Erdogan's position, what is happening indicates that the fight against the Kurds, the repression against the opposition, and critical civil society, as well as the free media in Turkey."

  He expressed her desire to see "the current situation of ISIS mercenaries or women who joined ISIS and are still in the regions of northern and eastern Syria instead of prosecuting them in Europe."

 "As a member of parliament, I would like to know how we can support the people here and how we can stir up the feelings of the European people so that there is no agreement with Erdogan at the expense of the Kurds," she added.



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