Australian gov confirms official receipt of 8 Daesh children

The Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria handed over 8 Australian children of Australian origin to the Australian government under an official document. They were received at the Semalaka border crossing between Basur Kurdistan and al-Jazeera region in Rojava.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced today that his government has received 8 orphans from Daesh mercenaries' children. "We have received 8 orphans of Daesh organization's elements who hold the Australian nationality from Al-Hol camp in the eastern countryside of Al-Hasakah," he said, and pointed out that their ages range from two to 17 years. "

"Three Australian children and two granddaughters of Sydney-born Daesh member Khaled Shroff, who was killed during a military strike by the International Coalition, and the other remaining are the children of Daesh member Rezvich." said Scott Morrison.

On June 22, Australian Foreign representative John Philipp, paid a visit to the Foreign Relations Department of North and East Syria in Qamishlo and was received by the co-chair of the administration, Abdul Karim Omar, and their deputy Abeer Alia. He stressed the Australian government's recognition of the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces' efforts to fight and combat terrorism.


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