Atti: AA believes that all outstanding issues must be resolved by dialogue

The co-chair of the Autonomous Administration Farid Atti said that the threats of the head of power in the Turkish state Erdogan stems from his fear of the transfer of concepts of democracy from the areas of the administration to the Turkish interior, indicating that they follow the path of dialogue to resolve the issues of the region.

The co-chair of the General Council in Autonomous Administration, Farid Atti, said during an interview held by Hawar news agency (ANHA) reporters about the threats that the Turkish state has repeatedly launched against AA areas.

"Erdogan's statements and his constant threats against AA's areas that have been liberated and formed by the efforts of the people of the region are not new. Since 2014, Turkey has launched these threats either directly or through the factions that are supporting it inside Syria," he said.

He explained that Erdogan's threats come from fear of the transfer of democratic concepts of AA to the Turkish interior, especially that the areas of administration which adjacent to Turkey and its neighboring.

Atti pointed out that the areas of administration do not pose any danger to anyone, but on the contrary it is with neighboring countries and would like to have cooperation between them and these countries, whether their governments or peoples, whether Turkey or Iraq.

He stressed that since the beginning of the Syrian crisis and so far have not believed in a military solution, but the peaceful way to resolve the issues and the thought is being preferred on power to solve the problems because power is the way of the weak minds.

He pointed out that the solution of any outstanding issue is through dialogue and holding extensive meetings at all levels.

The co-chair of the General Council, Farid Atti, called upon the people of Syria to return home to contribute to the political process in this country and to have pioneer role in the security and stability of their homeland.



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