Attack on base of Humimim

Turkish mercenaries carried out 17 launchings of rocket launchers on the Russian airbase "Humimim", while 8 of them did not reach the base. Nine of them were destroyed by the air defense forces at the base.

"On 22 May, the terrorists carried out 17 rocket launchings from the Idlib escalation zone towards the Russian base of Humimim," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

"Eight of the rockets did not reach the base, while the remaining missiles were intercepted by the air defense forces at the base," the statement said.

The forces of the regime have recently launched a large-scale military operation to regain control of the northern and north-western Hama villages bordering Idlib province, during which they managed to recover a number of strategic towns and hills. The most important of these were al-Radhi, al-Banna, Jana and Tal Osman farms, which paved the way for the control of the strategic Kefer Nebouda and Qelat al-Madiq.



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