Attack by Daesh on South Libya

A security checkpoint near an oil field in southern Libya on Saturday morning was attacked by Daesh, killed two guards and kidnapped four, the third attack of its kind in two weeks by Daesh.

The attack took place in al-Jafra area 650 km southeast of Jrablos and is under the control of the Libyan National Army.

"The terrorist attack in Zala, 150 kilometers from the town of Jafra, was where two guards were slaughtered and four were kidnapped," a source told AFP.

It is located 150 kilometers south of Jafra; Jafra has five towns: Sukhna, Hun, Dan, al-Fuqeha and Zala.

al-Fuqeha is subjected to repeated attacks, being close to oil fields and roads connecting the south to the north of Libya.

For its part, the Division of Military Information of the Libyan National Army, confirmed repelling an attack on a checkpoint near the oil field.

"Your armed forces are able to repel a terrorist attack left on the gate of an oil field belonging to the Zwaitina company located in the town of Zala of southern Libya," it said in a statement.

mercenaries, whose responsibility was claimed by the "Amaq" propaganda agency, announced that militants had attacked the checkpoint of the town of Zala.

In mid-January, the Libyan National Army launched a military campaign to clear the south of terrorist and criminal groups.



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