ATF arrest  woman of Daesh, was preparing to carry out suicide op at Eid al-Adha morning

Anti-Terrorism Forces in al-Jazeera Region arrested a woman of Daesh in the rank of one of the sleeper cells of the Daesh mercenaries who was preparing a suicide operation in Qamishlo city center on Eid al-Adha morning. 

The sleeper cells of the Daesh mercenaries intensified their operations after the threats by Erdogan to occupy the areas of North and East of Syria, where many explosions took place in the main cities of al-Jazeera region as al-Hasakah city, Qamishlo and recently the Terbispia District.

The Anti-Terrorism Forces (ATF)launched an organized campaign against the sleeper cells and they managed to arrest a woman of Daesh where her husband was killed in 2016.

The detail of the interview with this woman would be posted on 9 August. 



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