​​​​​​​At least 3 million infected with Covid-19, continued spread in the world   

​​​​​​​A slow movement by the Security Council despite international warnings, with the number of people infected with coronavirus around the world today, Sunday, increasing to 2,923,009, and the death toll index increased slightly to reach 203,307 deaths, while the number of people recovering reached 834,156.

Despite all the efforts made to limit the outbreak of the corona pandemic, it continues to spread in light of the differences in numbers from day to day, and in a move considered somewhat late, and it is expected that the Security Council will adopt, next week, the first draft resolution on the outbreak of the new coronavirus in the world.

Tunisia and France proposed a joint draft resolution, calling for "strengthening coordination between all countries" and "cessation of hostilities" and for a "humanitarian" truce in countries in conflict.

The draft resolution aims to support the efforts of United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and a large number of United Nations agencies that are struggling to contain the devastating political, economic and social consequences of the virus, according to Agence France-Presse.

At a time when the outbreak of the pandemic destroys the world economy, many countries are going to set up return programs to work to overcome the economic crisis, but with the announcement of the start of easing quarantine measures, global health has warned of consequences that may not be commendable.

The World Health Organization said that there is no evidence yet that those recovering from the emerging coronavirus have antibodies that are not exposed to a second virus infection.

In a statement, the organization cautioned against issuing "immunity passports" or "risk safety certificates" for those infected, and said that this may increase the risk of spreading because these people may ignore the guidelines.

"Some governments have suggested that the discovery of new coronavirus antibodies be the basis for a" permissible immunity "or" risk-free certificate "that enables individuals to travel or return to work on the assumption that they are protected from re-infection," the organization said.

The United States of America is still suffering greatly from the spread of the pandemic and recorded the first death associated with the coronavirus in early February, and the number of deaths in it today reached 5,37070 of 924,865 cases.

It is followed by Italy, which recorded 26,384 deaths out of 195,351 infected, then Spain with 22,902 deaths and 223,759 infections, then France with 22614 deaths and 161,488 infections, and the United Kingdom with 20,319 deaths and 148,377 infections.

China (with the exception of Hong Kong and Macao provinces) registered where the pandemic officially started 82,816 cases, including 4,632 deaths.

Here are the latest developments of the deadly virus around the world:

China announces 11 new cases of corona without registering deaths for the sixth consecutive day.

And Mexico announced that corona had a total of 13,842 infections and 1,305 deaths.

And Egypt announced 227 new cases, 13 deaths, and 39 recoveries.

As for Britain, it recorded 20,000 deaths to date, which considered Home Secretary Pretti Battal "very tragic", but called on the population to "show strength" to continue with the lockdown.

In Canada, the number of Cov infections rose to 44,364, and deaths to 2,350.

Likewise, Algeria announced the death toll rose to 419, 129 new infections recorded, bringing the total to 3,256 cases.

In Syria, the Syrian Ministry of Health announced yesterday that 5 new cases had been cured, bringing the number of people recovering to 11, with 42 infected, of whom 3 had died.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced the registration of 11 new infections during the past 24 hours, taking the total number to 495.

And the Omani Ministry of Health announced the registration of 115 new cases of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti Minister of Health announced the recovery of 43 persons infected with the coronavirus, bringing the total number of people to 656.

The Qatari Ministry of Health has announced that 833 new cases of coronavirus have been registered and 120 have recovered.



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