Astronomers published first image in history of black hole

An international scientific team announced on Wednesday a major breakthrough in astrophysics by capturing the first ever image of a black hole using a global network of telescope devices.

This achievement gives scientists a better chance to understand these "celestial beasts", which have a tremendous attractiveness.

The research was carried out by the Event Horizon Telescope, an international joint venture launched in 2012 to try to monitor the black hole environment using a global network of ground-based telescopes.

The picture did not show clearly the features of the black hole, and showed a bright orange circle, with a black hole in it, but the picture seemed blurry.

The news was simultaneously broadcast at press conferences in Washington, Brussels, Santiago, Shanghai, Taipei and Tokyo.

According to the BBC, the circumference of the hole 40 billion km, that means 3 million times the circumference of the planet.

The source: Agencies + Sky News



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