Assi: We welcome international peacekeepers in safe area

Zaidan al-Assi, the co-chair of the Defense Body in the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria, said that they accept international peacekeepers in the region and that the Turkish occupation cannot be accepted.

Commenting on the latest developments in the region, and the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on the north and east of Syria, our agency ANHA met with the co-chair of the Defense Body in northern and eastern Syria Zaidan al-Assi.

Zaidan al-Assi said at the outset that "in the Autonomous Administration, we agreed to the ceasefire agreement to stop the bloodshed and this devastating catastrophic war, but Turkey and its mercenaries did not abide by this agreement."

Al-Assi pointed out that while they declared a ceasefire in the area, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries launched several artillery and air force attacks and killed 17 civilians in the countryside of Serekaniye.

Zaidan al-Assi criticized international positions and said: "It is not enough to stop the war through statements and dissatisfaction. There should have been a strict international position, especially from the United Nations, to stop this catastrophic war in which the latest weapons, a NATO member state, are used in exchange for a resistance group with conventional weapons, Turkey and its mercenaries. They burnt houses and killed civilians in the most horrible way until they exceeded the limits of ISIL. "

Asi pointed out that what Turkey is doing is an attempt to demographically change the region and displace its inhabitants, "Today the people of the region are staying in the streets and schools having no shelter, the purpose of Turkey to change this region demographically."

Regarding the efforts of the Turkish occupation to resettle families from other areas as it did in the city of Afrin, and to bring about a demographic change, Zaidan pointed out that they had previously commented on the issue that it is not possible to accept the resettlement of families from other areas and the demographic change of the area, and they support the return of the indigenous people of the region.

Assi added, “We welcome international peacekeepers in the safe area.

Regarding the withdrawal of the Syrian Democratic Forces from the city of Serekaniye, Zaidan al-Assi said, "We have agreed to the safe area by the American guarantor, but it seems that Turkey has not abided by this agreement, and if we agree with the safe area we do not accept the presence of Turkey in this region."



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