Assad's photo leads to a problem in Tripoli

A number of young men in Tripoli have stormed the municipality building, that hosted a number of Syrian actors and cameramen to enact a Syrian series in the building.

The youth protested on holding a photo of the Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, and tried to expel cameramen, directors and actors from the building of the municipality on which the latter asked the team to stop action and leave, where the Lebanese Army accompanied them.

Media Office of the Tripoli Municipality made clear the circumstance that took place during acting a Syrian film titled '' an Overall World'', inside the municipality building.

The Media Office said that the municipality refused to host any political or religious slogans, and asked the acting team to leave directly.

The media office assured that "not to raise pictures of the Syrian president or the flag of Syria or photograph any scene inside the municipality, and a number of young men who were allowed to enter to see the decoration made sure of this."



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