Asaad al-Bashir: We must fight sleeping cells, respond to their activities

Sheikh of Turkman clan Asaad al-Bashir said that it is necessary to combat sleeper cells that seek to destabilize security and stability in the north and east of Syria.

Asaad al-Bashir told Hawar news agency: "Everyone in the north and east of Syria must be certain that what sleeping cells do in the region by moving them with their foreign agendas aims to destabilize the security and stability of the region, especially after the elimination of Daesh mercenaries on the ground.

Hawar News Agency interviewed sheikh of the Turkman clan to comment on the new challenges facing the region after the military victory over Daesh, and the need to fight sleeper cells to the end.

"Daesh thought is terrorist, does not belong to Islam"

Al-Bashir said:" We have to fight the extremist ideology Daesh left in various ways and means because it is a terrorist thought, and he has nothing to do with Islam. It aims at killing innocent people and instilling fear and terror in them.

Sheikh al-Bashir stressed the need to join hands with the security forces "so as not to leave a loophole for some cells, which are trying to destabilize the security and stability in the region and revive the extremist ideology of Daesh, and to address their attempts in our regions."

"It is clear to the countries of the world that the biggest supporter of terrorism in the region and the Middle East is the Turkish state, which facilitated the entry of terrorists into Syria. This was revealed by many who surrendered to Syrian Democratic Forces," he said.

Clans will discuss how to deal with sleeper cells

Bashir revealed that clans in the north and east of Syria are preparing to hold a tribal meeting in the region to the elders and notables of Syria in general and north and east of Syria in particular, to discuss the situation of the region and how to deal with sleeper cells in the region and raise awareness of the community on the danger.

He added: "Destruction Syria has seen by the terrorist groups is too much, and the Syrian people faced many an atrocity, we are supposed to discuss the affairs of our country, and to seek solutions to the Syrian crisis, which entered its eighth year."

This is the goal of moving sleeper cells!

"The aim of moving cells through its foreign agenda is to show the world that the regions of northern and eastern Syria are in a state of confusion, but the situation in northern and eastern Syria is quite the opposite. The region is living in security and stability under Syrian Democratic Forces on the principle of brotherhood of peoples and coexistence."

He said that the countries that claim to protect their borders - in reference to Turkey - at the expense of other regions are aggressor countries, and said: "had it been the other way, those countries would have protected their borders from the inside and not attacking neighboring countries, as does the Turkish state today.

At the end of his speech, Sheikh of Turkman clan Asaad al-Bashir expressed his confidence in the ability of the people of the region who have defeated the most powerful terrorist organization to end sleeper cells that are trying to destabilize the security and stability of the region.



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