As of tomorrow, Series of meetings on situation in N,E of Syria

As of tomorrow, Hawar news agency (ANHA) will publish a series of meetings on the situation in the north and east of Syria.

The meetings will focus on:

Discussions of "buffer zone" threats and concentrations of the Turkish occupation state on the borders of the regions of north and east of Syria, in this regard, we held a meeting with the member of the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF Newroz Ahmed.

- Since the beginning of the establishment of democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) till this day, what obstacles have been encountered and how the threats and attacks against the administration have been addressed. And what is the stage reached by the Department, including these questions addressed to the co-chair of the Executive Council of the AA of north and east of Syria, Perivan Khalid.

- The level of relations that the SDC was able to establish with various international and regional bodies, the results of meetings and talks, and what are the future programs of the Council, in this regard, we held a meeting with the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council SDC Amina Omar.

- The future of the administrative structure in northern and eastern Syria, the obstacles facing it, the reasons for not recognizing this structure, and where lies the key to solving the problems of north and east of Syria. On this subject, we met with a member of the Executive Body of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV_DEM), Eldar Khalil.



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