Arrest campaign in Amed and Delok

This morning, Turkish police raided a number of houses in the center and surroundings of Amed and arrested a number of people.

After the raid and search, the police arrested Aisha Kukan, a spokesperson for the Free Women Movement, a spokesperson for the Mesopotamia Women Journalists platform, the editor of JIN news agnecy, Aisha Konai, the co-chair of the Association for Supporting Families of Detainees, Rabia Atash, a member of the Municipal Council of Zaran Banayr Glick, and the activist Zakia Kollar And the former co-chair of the Yenişehir Democratic Peoples' Party Damat Ozkaran, as well as Vikkan Akti, Ronda Batt, Rosrine Gatac, Amina Kaya, Dylan Yakut, and another woman in the name of Konch whose nickname was not known, and many other women.

The police also raided the homes of the official of the Union of Supporting Families of Detainees, Bahar Ak Yapi, and the co-chair of the HDP, Khatoon Yildiz, but they were outside the house.

The arrested women were transferred to the city's security department.

33 people arrested in Delok

In the city of Delok, Turkish police arrested 33 people, including the co-chair of the Democratic Peoples' Party in Delok Musa Aidan, the co-chairs of the Democratic Peoples' Party in the “Shaheen Bey and Shahid Kamel” regions, and the co-chair of the party in Delok Muhammad Fural, in addition to two neighborhood mayors and a lawyer.

The detainees were transferred to the city's security directorate.



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