Armenians genocides took place under Fatwa to end

 Al Hasakeh Armenians explained that the genocide took place under a fatwa in order to end "Maya Stan" and drew attention to the fact that it dispersed the Armenians. They demanded the Autonomous Administration and Armenian component on reviving the Armenian culture again. An Armenian said that "the Armenian component must  read the history well and abide by customs and traditions."

During World War I and in 1918, the Ottoman Empire committed mass genocides against the Armenians, Yazidis and Syriacs in Turkey as a result more than 1.5 million Armenians were killed and hundreds of thousands of their homes were forcibly displaced to various areas of neighboring countries.

Every year, Armenians condemn on April 24th the genocides. Hawar news agency has monitored the views of a number of Armenian son-in-law on the details and consequences of the massacre, and the lessons learned from these horrific events.  

Changing the character of Armenians and ending "Maya Stan"

"I am an Armenian component and  classified as a Kurdish component, and this is unacceptable to everyone. When I went to register my daughter, they initially refused on the pretext that she is Kurdish . Everyone must know himself well and know his history his culture, his customs and his traditions." Samir Mohammed Sharif, who is in his 50s and from Al Hasakeh said at the beginning of his speech

"Armenia was called "Maya Stan" - the home of water, and when I try to revive our history, I find it very difficult, because that water soured and mixed with blood. 

Armenians genocides are linked to the 19th century or the early the 20th century. The first phase of it is the Hamidi period or  Sultan Abdul Hamid's rule from 1876 to 1909. We believe that the Armenian issue and the massacre was a plot among all countries."

 Search for a Fatwa to kill Armenians

Sharif noted that in 1884 Sultan Abdul Hamid was looking for a fatwa to kill Armenians with the help of Said Halim Pasha. He  killed and exiled the Armenians. He stressed that Armenia must remain without Armenians, adding that "we were the victims of race and religion and 30-year genocide against Armenians ." 

He added that the great powers agreed on the genocides against Armenians . they went on that agreement until 1915. On April 8, Al Itihad Wal Taraqi government started the genocides by arresting every Armenian leader and disarming them to be able to carry out the genocide. The Armenians left Turkey in huge numbers and arrived in Al Jazeera Region in Syria in very small numbers,  the rest were killed or arrested."

"On June 1st of 1915, Tala'at Pasha stated that we were able to eliminate the Armenian component in a short period of three months that Sultan Abdul Hamid failed in 30 years. In 1919 an Armenian parliamentarian declared the Armenian state, which lasted for two years," Sherif said.

The genocides dispersed the Armenians, the Autonomous Administration must help in restoring the Armenian history

 Muhammad Sharif confirmed that as a result of the genocides, all the Armenian component ended in diaspora, "  the great powers were able to get rid of them and finish the land of water."

Sharif eventually called on Armenians to "repeat history, read books well and abide by customs and traditions. The Autonomous Administration bears the greatest responsibility towards the Armenians to do this."

"The Armenian genocides were the worst in the history:  killing and raping women at that time, killing the fetus in their mothers' wombs, and torturing the elderly in front  of their children and grandchildren," the 30-year-old Hevin Mohamed Issa said.

"We condemn the genocides of April 24 against the Armenian component by the Ottoman Empire and with the help of other countries such as Russia, France and Britain," Hevin said.



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