Armenian: Turkey wants to revive Ottoman Empire 's glories in area

Armenian women from the city of Girê Spi told Hawar news agency during their participation in the sit-ins held in Girê Spi in response to Turkish threats that Turkey aims to restore the glories of the Ottoman Empire in the region.

Armenian women in city of Girê Spi / Tel-Abyed denounced the threats of the Turkish occupation towards north and east of Syria. They stressed that the peoples of the region are brothers and any parties such as Turkey cannot spread the discrimination between them. They are peaceful people aspiring to achieve security and stability while Turkey seeks to restore the glories of the Ottoman Empire and the massacres committed against the people of the region.

Lucian Matosian, who spoke to Hawar news agency (ANHA) during her participation in the sit-in on the Turkish border, "We Armenian in Girê Spi / Tel-Abyed send a message to Erdogan and tell him that we have not forgotten the massacres committed by the Ottoman Empire against our people, who had been forcibly displaced, and now you want to repeat the same scenario to the people of Girê Spi / Tel-Abyed as your ancestors did!"

For her part, Armenian Sonia Magdoyan condemned the threats of Turkey, saying "We as a part of  the Syrian people who just want to live in stability, peace and security, and the Turkish occupation wants to restore the glories of the Ottoman Empire in the region, not enough massacres committed against the Armenians when killed about a million and a half Armenians and large numbers had been displaced outside their country, and now wants to threaten the security and safety of Syria. "

"Erdogan wants to turn back history by threatening and supporting terrorist gangs and destroying the churches in Afrin, al-Raqqa and Tel-Abyed ," Sonia said.

Turkey has once again threatened north and east of Syria and mobilized military forces on the border, which has been met with disapproval and condemnation by the people of the region who have taken to the streets and marched to the border protesting against Turkish threats.



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