Armenian Prime Minister: Turkey continues to pose a serious security threat to Armenians

Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan said that Ankara continues to pose a serious security threat to the Armenian people.

debate of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday in New York.

Two of Armenia's four borders, including the border with Turkey, have been closed for nearly three decades, Pashinyan said, according to the Armenian News website.

He added that by refusing "Turkey" to establish diplomatic relations with Armenia, and support Azerbaijan against Armenia, Turkey remains a serious security threat to the Armenian people, who were already victims of genocide.

It is worth mentioning that the Armenians were subjected to genocide, which refers to the deliberate and systematic killing of the Armenian population by the young Turkish government in the Ottoman Empire during and after the First World War. That had been implemented by mass murder and deportations, which were marches under harsh conditions designed to lead to the death of deportees.

Although many countries and governmental and non-governmental organizations have admitted the Armenian genocide in Turkey, successive Turkish governments, including Erdogan's AK Party, refuse to acknowledge what happened as genocide.




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