Armenian leader: Turkey seeks to repeat Armenian massacre by supporting Azerbaijan

The Armenian leader in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Manuel Demir, stated that Turkey's interference Armenia and Azerbaijan conflict aims at keeping on the massacre committed by the Ottomans against the Armenian people in 1915, noting that they are the owners of a cause and seek to restore their rights from the Turkish state.

The Armenian-Azerbaijani border has witnessed continuous armed clashes between their forces since the 12th of last July over a disputed border region for years

Turkey is colluding with Azerbaijan, and send Syrian mercenaries for igniting a crisis in search for a foothold in the region, and restoring its hostile history against the Armenian people through its support for Azerbaijan to complete its massacre that was committed in 1915.

The Armenians played an important role in the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria against all terrorist mercenary groups of the Turkish occupation, and they formed their own forces.

"Hawar" news agency met with the leader of the martyr Nubar Ozanian battalion of the Armenian component, within the Syrian Democratic Forces, to talk about Turkish interventions to support Azerbaijan in its conflict with Armenia.

Historic hostility

Manuel Demir said: "The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is an ancient one, and Turkey's interference and support for Azerbaijan stems from its historical hostility to Armenians, and the completion of the massacre committed by the Ottomans against the Armenian people in the year (1915)."

Turkey is trying to repeat the massacres of the Ottomans

In 1915 the Armenian people were subjected to genocide, when more than a million and a half million Armenians were killed by the Ottomans. Demir points out that the Turkish attacks on northeast of Syria aim to exterminate the components of the region and on top of them the Armenian people, and said, "Their interference in NE Syria aimed at fighting peoples of the region to pursue and kill the Armenians. "

Turkey interferes and support for Azerbaijan are not in love with it and the Azerbaijani people, it aims to fight Armenia and the Armenian people. So its first and last goal is to repeat 1915 massacre. This is clear in Erdogan's phrase "the remnants of the sword."

Demir attributed the Turkish interference as evidence that it was seeking to restore its ancient Ottoman's history of killing by the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire.

A history full of massacres

The leader continued his speech by saying: "The Turkish president declared a long time ago, saying," Armenian families who survived the massacre, should be killed. "

He added, "Armenians are not surprised by such statements. The Turkish state has a history of massacres. We do not rule out its carrying out other massacres against the peoples of the region, especially the peoples of northeast Syria."

External interventions are to recreate the Ottoman map

The leader explained, that Turkey has begun to interfere in Syria, Libya and several other countries. This indicates that Turkey is continuing and its endeavor to restore Ottoman domination in the region and search for a foothold for it, to create a fictitious empire and restore the lost Ottoman Empire.

Demir pointed out that Turkey aims to extend Ottoman control on the largest area of land, whether in Libya or Syria for their wealth.

" We to stay and our number will increase"

Demir noted, that the Armenian people are peaceful, but they are carrying of arms is for the purpose of self-defense and to face the attacks the Turkish state. It also has a right and cause, and seeks to restore the rights that were stolen by the Turkish state .

Demir said, they seek to advance evil for all peoples in northeast of Syria, led by the Armenian people who have been subjected to massacres and wars throughout history, in addition to defending all components in northeast Syria.

The leader of the Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Battalion, sent a message in the Armenian language at the end of his speech saying, "We will stay and we will stay and our number will increase."

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