Armenian Battalion recalls Hirant Dink and Sakina Jansz and companions

The battalion of the Armenian fighters, Nobar Ozanian, commemorated the assassination of Armenian militant, Hrant Dink, and recalled Sakina Jansz, Leila Shilms and Vidan Dugan, who were assassinated in Paris in 2013.

 Today, the battalion of the martyr, Nobar Ozanian, for the  Armenian fighters, Hirant Dink, who was assassinated 13 years ago by agents of the Turkish occupation state, recalled today.

The memorial ceremony kicked off with a military parade followed by a speech by The commander of the battalion of the martyr, Nobar Ozanian, Nobar, delivered both in Kurdish and Armenian.

"The path of Sakina and Hirant is ours."

"The commander of the martyr battalion Nobar started his speech by recalling with all respect, Hirant Dink and said "Our comrade, Hirant Dink, was an Armenian revolutionary, and he went down the path of clarifying the truth of the massacres, despite the threats of the Turkish state, but he did not bow to those threats. In the same month that Hrant Dink was assassinated, Sakina Jansz, Vidan Dugan and Leila Shilms were brutally murdered in Paris by the Turkish occupation state, as it did with Hirant, our comrades knew that we could not achieve freedom without sacrifices. Those militants didn’t bow in front of the brutality and we will never forget our martyrs, their way is our way."

"We will revenge for the massacres"

The fighter, Susan Sarkis, from the battalion of the martyr, Nobar Ozanian,  she also recalled Hirant Dink, explaining that the aim of his assassination was to eliminate the Armenians: "We have expanded the strength and importance of our organization from the struggle and resistance of the martyr, Hrant Dink, his struggle has become our foundation, and he played a role in our progress. Today, the Turkish occupation state is also committing massacres against the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, in retaliation for the martyr, Hrant Dink and Sakina Jansz, we will take the Turkish occupation out of our territory and eliminate them. We will resist until the end and follow the path of the martyrs." She said.

 It is worth mentioning that the director general of The Agus Harrant Dink newspaper was assassinated on January 19, 2007 on the hands of the hit man, Ogon Samast, in Istanbul, andJanuary marks the anniversary of the assassination of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement, militant, Sakina Jansz, and the representative of the Kurdistan  National Congress in Paris, Vidan Dugan, and member of  youth movement, Leila Shalem, who were assassinated on January 9, 2013 in Paris by the  intelligence services.



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