Armenia: Azerbaijani Forces shell residential centres in Karabakh

Armenia has stressed that Azeri forces continue to shell residential centres in Karabakh, of which the city of Shushi, second largest city in the region.

Press secretary in Armenian Defense Ministry, Shushan Stepaniyan, said that'' the Azerbaijani Armed Forces continue to shell the residential centers in Karabakh, especially the city of Shushi that has become  a target for shelling''.  

Stepaniyan made clear that '' in line with hostilities this morning, Azerbaijan once again fired at the residential centres'', adding :'' the situation in the Aftaranotus Straits is still very tense, and the fortified city of Shushi has become a target for shelling''. According to the Press Secretary '' there were no human losses till now''. 

Since September 27th, Karabakh undergoes a struggle between Armenia and Azerbaijan, where the two parts announced three times that a ceasefire was reached mediated by Russia and the United States of America.



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