Armenia announces downing two Azeri drones

Armenia announced that it had shot down two Azerbaijani drones, and confirmed that Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire again.

Armenia revealed that the Self-Defense Forces in Karabakh shot down two Azerbaijani drones on Tuesday, while spokeswoman for the Armenian Ministry of Defense indicated that Azerbaijan violated the ceasefire again and bombed Armenian border guard positions in the southeast direction with Iran.

Yesterday, the Armenian Ministry of Defense confirmed that Azerbaijani forces launched a Smirtch missile at a village in Martoni, adding: "The Azerbaijani forces launched an attack on military units on the southeastern side of Karabakh."

Armenia said yesterday morning that the Azerbaijani side fired artillery at the northeastern fighting sites at around 8:45 am.

Karabakh is witnessing a conflict since September 27 between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which have agreed three times to a ceasefire with Russian and American mediation, amid Turkey's efforts to ignite the war by sending hundreds of its mercenaries to Karabakh to fight alongside Azerbaijan.


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