Armenia and Azerbaijan fail to reach a new ceasefire agreement

Armenia and Azerbaijan failed to reach a new agreement on a ceasefire, while they agreed to take measures to reduce tension between them and pledged not to target civilians.

The Armenian Foreign Ministers, Zohrab Hrachik Mnatsakanyan, met with Azerbaijani Zhihon Bayramov face to face in Geneva just after midnight yesterday, in an attempt to find a way out of the conflict.

The French, Russian and American mediators meeting in the framework of the "Minsk Group" said, in a statement late Friday, that they called on the warring parties to implement a previous ceasefire agreement.

The mediators added that the two parties to the conflict in Artsakh / Karabakah had a "frank and substantive exchange of views, in order to clarify their positions" in negotiations on the sticking points regarding the ceasefire agreement reached on October 10 in Moscow, according to the agency. France Press.

The statement clarified that the matter is related to “refraining from deliberately targeting the civilian population or non-military targets” in accordance with international humanitarian law.

According to the statement, the two parties to the conflict will actively participate in the process of recovering and exchanging remains, and within a week they must submit lists of prisoners of war to the Red Cross "in order to gain access" to them and to facilitate any "exchange in the future."

The two countries pledged to provide comments and written questions as part of the discussions aimed at establishing mechanisms to verify the implementation of the ceasefire, an item considered a priority in the talks.

Since September 27, Karabakh has witnessed a conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which announced three times that they had reached a ceasefire sponsored by Russia and the United States, but the Turkish intervention by sending weapons and mercenaries led to the continuing escalation.



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